EdBook3 Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Builder

Get building with your Edisons and the LEGO Compact Tracked Loader. Learn how to combine two Edison robots to build larger robots and inventions using LEGO parts.

UPDATE: The LEGO Compact Tracked Loader has been discontinued. We recommend that you consider using our alternative engineering build project solution – EdCreate. The EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit can be used with Edison robots to complete five different EdBuild projects, including an updated EdDigger and an updated EdPrinter. Each EdBuild includes step-by-step instructions for building and programming your creation.

Learn more about EdCreate

What’s inside?

Explore two different build projects in this EdVenture:

EdVenture 1 – Build the EdDigger

  • Scoops up LEGO bricks
  • Remote control from a standard TV/DVD remote control
  • No coding required


EdVenture 2 – Build the EdPrinter

  • Print shapes on paper
  • Download the programs to draw a square, then create your own program to draw different shapes
  • Uses the same engineering concepts as a real printer


Additional Resources

Download EdBook3 Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Builder (MS Word open source document)

Download EdPrinter program from EdBook3


Get EdBook3 in other languages

Download EdBook3 Ton EdVenture en Robotique – Tu es un Constructeur (French by Frédéric Collonval)

Download EdBook 3 Jouw EdVontuur met Robots Je bent een Maker (Dutch by Inne ten Have)

Download EdBook 3 Sinu seiklus robootikas – Sina oled ehitaja (Estonian by Hasso Tepper)

Download EdBook 3 Твое путешествие в мир роботов – Ты конструируешь (Russian by Mykola Yudenko)

Download EdBook3 Abenteuer mit Robotern Du bist ein Baumeister (German by Peter Zeller)

Download Twoja przygoda z robotyką Jesteś konstruktorem (Polish by Maciej Grudzień, Wojciech Mistewicz with help from Karol Sieńkowski, Malwina Sankowska )

Download Εισαγωγή στη ρομποτική Γίνε κατασκευαστής (Greek by Maria Georgantopoulou, Tserbak Kyrillos and George Mpeinas)

Download EdKniha3 Dobrodružstvá v robotike Buduj (SK by Scholaris s.r.o.)

Download EdKitap3-Robotbilim-icindeki-EdMaceralarınız-Sen-bir-yaratıcısın (Turkish by Gökhan Kaya from STEM Makers Academy)


The EdHockey Robot

EdHockey was created by Ken from

The EdHockey Robot is a remote control robot that uses two Edisons connected with LEGO pieces from LEGO set 42032. You can use a standard TV/DVD remote control to drive the EdHockey Robot and operate the arms. GOAL!!!

Download Your EdHockey Robot – You’re a Builder (By Ken from

Download Váš sprievodca svetom robotiky robot hokejista (SK by PaedDr Peter Návoy)

Download EdHokey Robotu (Turkish by Gökhan Kaya from STEM Makers Academy)

Download EdHockeyRobot (MS Word open source document)

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