All Edisons have now been shipped to backers and some may have already received your new little friend. So, I wanted to update you on the progress of EdWare and the other robotics resources that accompany Edison.

We are finalising EdWare right now and getting it ready for release. As promised there will be a number of varieties. Here is our planed release schedule:

EdWare for Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) – Release December 19 (updated from 12th V0.9.5 is available now)

EdWare for Linux – Release December 19

EdWare for Mac – Release December 19

EdWare for Raspberry Pi – Release January 16


*EdWare for iOS – Release December 28

*EdWare for Android – Release December 28

The EdMat is now available for download. EdMat is an A1 size activity mat that has 6 barcodes and a track for Edison to follow. Take the pdf file to your local print shop (i.e. OfficeWorks here in Australia) for printing.

As Edison can do many different things, we decided one EdBook just isn’t enough to cover everything! There will now be 3 EdBooks to help you learn what Edison can do:

EdBook 1 – Your EdVenture into Robotics You’re a Controller!

Here you’ll find all the barcodes for learning remote control codes and activating Edison’s preprogramed features.

EdBook 2 – Your EdVenture into Robotics You’re a Programmer!

This is an introduction to programming Edison with 10 fun programming ‘EdVentures’.

EdBook 3 – Your EdVenture into Robotics You’re a Builder!

Build some really cool contraptions using 2 Edisons and LEGO set 42004 (Mini Backhoe Loader).

We are expecting to have EdBook 1 and EdBook 2 ready at about the same time your Edisons are delivered, or very soon afterwards. EdBook 3 will follow along early next year. Rather than keep you waiting too long, our aim is to get as much useful information to you as soon as we can, so you can enjoy Edison over the Christmas period.

As you start to program Edison and learn more about EdWare, please send us any feedback for improving EdWare and our EdBooks. We are creating them to help you have the best possible experience with Edison and may be able to incorporate your feedback into updated revisions which will be available in the future.

Not long to go now!

Team Edison

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