Video tutorials – Edison robotic programming languages

Learn how to get started and get the most out of the Edison robotic programming languages with these videos. 

Getting started with EdBlocks




Click the tabs below to see tutorials for EdWare and EdPy

EdWare Tutorials


Tutorial 1 - Overview
Tutorial 2 - Menu
Tutorial 3 - Red Control Blocks
Tutorial 4 - Yellow Flow Blocks
Tutorial 5 - Green Data Blocks
Tutorial 6 - Blue Read Blocks
Tutorial 7 - New Event
EdPy Tutorials
Tutorial 1 - Intro
Tutorial 2 - Basics
Tutorial 3 - Loops
Tutorial 4 - Variables
Tutorial 5 - Tune Strings
Tutorial 6 - Reading Sensor Values
Tutorial 7 - If and Else
Tutorial 8 - Functions
Tutorial 9 - Events and Interrupts
Tutorial 10 - Objects and Classes

EdCreate EdBuild videos

This how-to series of videos shows step-by-step instructions for building each of the five EdBuilds.

Step-by-step video guides
Let's build the EdTank

Let's build the EdDigger

Let's build the EdRoboClaw

Let's build the EdCrane

Let's build the EdPrinter

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