It has taken me longer than expected, but you can now download EdBook1 Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Controller.

This, the first of three EdBooks, has just about all the barcodes for activating Edison’s pre-programmed features. These include line tracking, torch/flashlight following, sumo robot wrestling and one of my favourites, learning to be controlled by your TV/DVD remote control.

It also has a barcode to calibrate Edison’s obstacle detection system, so if your Edison is a bit twitchy or a little blind you can set him right.

If you missed my previous blog post, EdWare V0.9.5 has been added to the downloads page as well as a work in progress draft of EdBook2 Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a programmer. Keep an eye on the downloads page for updates to EdWare and EdBook2 over the next few days.

Happy Edisoning!

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