Along with the launch of Edison V2.0 we are also super excited to announce EdPy EdPy is a free online app for programming Edison in the Python programming language.

Text based programming for Edison has been one of the most frequently requested features from teachers. When we looked at our programming language options, we couldn’t go past Python. It’s easy to learn, has high readability and is very popular. The popularity of Python can’t be underestimated. Python is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities and is used by the world’s largest tech companies such as Google, Dropbox and Netflix.

With Python, students are learning a real-life programming language, and they can apply what they learn as part of a professional career. So, for us, choosing Python was a no brainer.

But we didn’t want to just release an average programming environment. We wanted something more, something that made a real difference to how quickly students could pick up and learn to code in Python. To achieve this EdPy has a number of features that help students quickly become familiar with Python and text-based programming.

Line help

Place the cursor over a line of code and an English interpretation appears in the bottom right of the screen.

Python robot programming line help
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Start typing a function and matching options start to appear. A complete function can be selected from the dropdown list, free from spelling errors. EdPy’s autocomplete feature also adds descriptions for the parameters that need to be completed. For example:

Python robot programming EdPy
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Students can then just type over the parameter names direction, speed and distance to complete the line of code.

Popup help

As you type a function a help box appears with a description of the function and how to use it.

Help text and examples

No need to go digging through a book or separate webpages for help. EdPy’s help text and example programs are right there on the screen next to your code.

Share the code

Saved EdPy programs can be shared via a link. Students can submit their programs as a list of links that can be opened and reviewed with a single click.

We have incorporated many other useful features such as tabs, to have multiple programs open at once. Also, a list of saved programs can be opened with a single click. 

We think the best feature of all is that students will be excited and motivated to learn text-based coding when they can see their code come to life in the actions of a real-life robot.

Check out EdPy and leave us some feedback below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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