Trouble scanning barcodes? Try these tips:

  • Check the batteries: If you are using an Edison V1 or V2 model the most common reason is low or flat batteries in the Edison robot. Try replacing the batteries and scanning the barcodes again.
  • Check the paper surface: A glossy surface, including glossy finish lamination, will affect Edison’s sensors and may cause errors. Please ensure you use a matte finish if laminating barcode resources, including the EdMat.
  • Check the paper’s weight: If the barcodes are printed on thin paper, Edison’s line tracker may pick up dark surfaces from underneath the paper, which can interfere with the barcode scanning. Try placing the paper with the barcodes on a white surface, for example, by adding a second piece of blank paper underneath the paper with the barcodes.
  • Check the print: Do not change the size of the barcodes before printing them. Shrinking or enlarging the barcodes can affect how they will scan.
  • Check the lighting: Bright, direct light, such as sunlight, can negatively affect Edison’s ability to scan barcodes correctly. Ensure that Edison and the barcodes are not in bright, direct light and that there are not heavy shadows on the paper with the barcodes.
  • Do a drive calibration: Performing a drive calibration on your Edison can correct small issues in how Edison is driving, fixing issues scanning barcodes. Learn how to run a drive calibration here.

Please also see our barcodes webpage or check out the technical tips on barcodes for more answers to other common issues and questions about using barcodes.

How to scan barcodes with Edison: follow these 4 steps when using the pre-set program barcodes:

  1. Be sure the removable skid is in Edison. Place Edison facing the barcode on the right side of the barcode. Start Edison to the side of the barcode, not directly on the barcode. 
  2. Press the record (round) button three times.
  3. Edison will drive forward and scan the barcode.
  4. Press the play (triangle) button to run the program.

Making your own barcodes: This is not possible. Edison’s barcode programs are stored in a section of memory that does not get changed (even when the firmware is updated), so it is not possible to add additional programs to the robot.

Using TV/DVD remote control barcodes: Please see our barcode page for detailed information on how to use remote control barcodes with Edison.

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