Your EdVenture into Robotics

You’re a Builder

A Lego printer and digger made with robots




EdBook3 ‘You’re a builder’ follows on from EdBook1 and EdBook2, teaching you to build Lego robots with the Compact Tracked Loader set

Edison and LEGO compatibility

Edison is a Lego Compatible robot. LEGO bricks can be attached to the top and bottom of the Edison robot and LEGO pegs can be attached on the sides.

EdVenture 1 – The EdDigger

In this EdVenture we turn Edison into a robot Lego digger: the EdDigger! The EdDigger is a remote control Lego digger that uses two Edisons and set 42032


In this EdVenture we program a Lego digger, by programming our two Edisons before building the rest of the EdDigger. Don’t forget the TV remote.

Build Instructions

learn how to transform Edison into the Lego scooping EdDigger! Simply follow the instructions.

EdVenture 2 – The EdPrinter 

The EdPrinter is a simple lego printer that can draw shapes on A5 (5.8in x 8.3in) size paper. The printer uses two Edisons connected with LEGO pieces 

Build Instructions

Its time to build a Lego printer! The EdPrinter is an advanced project and requires a high level of LEGO building skills.


Two printer programs are used to get the EdPrinter to move both the pen arm and the paper. One program sends data to the the other while the second enters a loop and waits for the data 

Print your own shapes

Printing with a Lego printer is all about programming. This page shows the basic programming structures needed to print vertical and horizontal lines. which you can use to create your own shapes

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