EdVenture 2 – The EdPrinter

The EdPrinter is a simple printer that can draw shapes on A5 (5.8in x 8.3in) size paper. The printer uses two Edisons connected with LEGO pieces from LEGO set 42032, two rubber bands and a felt tip/marker pen.

Both Edisons are programmed using EdWare, but they perform slightly different functions.

Lego robot printer

Paper feeder

The paper feeder Edison uses its wheels to move the paper back and forth. It receives infrared commands from the pen controller that tell it when to move the paper.

Pen controller

The pen controller Edison moves the pen side to side via a gear and belt/track. The shape that the EdPrinter draws is programmed in the pen controller.

Download the programs here EdPrinter programs and program each Edison accordingly.

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