You’re Edventure into Robotics 

You’re a Controller

Edison Lego robotics



Edison is your new robot buddy who will teach you about electronics, programing and robotics in a fun and engaging way.


Getting started

Let’s get Edison ready to go!


Get to know Edison

To use Edison you’re going to need to know where all his sensors are and what his three buttons do.


EdVenture 1 – Clap controlled driving

Edison is equipped with a sound sensor and can detect loud sounds like clapping.


EdVenture 2 – Avoid obstacles

Edison can see in the ‘dark’ using invisible light to detect obstacles and avoid collisions.


EdVenture 3 – Follow torch

Edison loves light! He will drive towards the brightest light source even if it means falling off the table.


EdVenture 4 – Line tracking

Line tracking is a very popular robotics activity as it’s fun to watch the robot go around and around a track.


EdVenture 5 – Bounce in borders

Ever heard of Dromophobia? Well, it’s a fear of crossing the street and we’re going to give a version of it to Edison!


EdVenture 6 – Sumo wrestle

Bring on the robot wars!


EdVenture 7 – Remote control driving

So you really want to control your Edison!? Here’s your chance and you can do it with your TV remote control.


Calibrate obstacle detection

You can control the sensitivity of Edison’s obstacle detection system.


What’s next?

Now that you’ve learned all about Edison’s abilities, sensors and controls you can move on to programming him.


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