Edison is your barcode reading robot buddy who will teach you about electronics, programming and robotics in a fun and engaging way.

He’s equipped with all the sensors, outputs and motors needed to introduce you to the amazing world of robotics.

That’s great, but what is robotics? Well that’s not an easy question to answer. Edison’s creator, Brenton O’Brien says “a robot is a machine that can behave autonomously. This means that a robot can think or make decisions on its own and act on those decisions. Many other people have different definitions, but we like this one as it’s nice, simple and applies to what you’re about to learn.

LEGO compatible robotics with Edison

Edison the LEGO compatible robot

Robotics wouldn’t be possible without electronics, so Edison has his own electronics and you can see it all through his transparent top. There are resistors, capacitors, transistors, motors and more, but the most important electronic part is Edison’s microcontroller.

Edison lego robot brain

Edison’s microcontroller

The microcontroller is like Edison’s brain. It’s where all his ‘thinking’ happens. Edison’s microcontroller is very similar to the processor chip inside a computer, only much smaller. And just like a processor chip in a computer, Edison’s microcontroller has programs. The programs allow Edison to make decisions and ‘think’ for himself.

Edison comes with pre-loaded programs that are activated by driving over special barcodes. Here is a sample barcode that activates Edison’s line tracking program.

Edison Lego Robot line tracking

A barcode that activates Edison’s line tracking program

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