EdVenture 2 – Avoid obstacles

Edison is an Obstacle Avoiding Robot, it can see in the ‘dark’ using invisible light to detect obstacles and avoid collisions.

This barcode activates Edison’s ‘Avoid obstacles’ program. The program drives Edison forward, when an obstacle is detected he reverses and then turns on the spot away from the obstacle, then continues to drive.

Reading the barcode

  1. Place Edison facing the barcode on the right side
  2. Press the record (round) button 3 times
  3. Edison will drive forward and scan the barcode
Barcode to turn Edison into a obstacle avoiding robot

Barcode – Avoid obstacles

What to do

Assemble some obstacles for Edison to avoid, such as walls made from LEGO. The obstacles need to be at least the same height as Edison (3.5cm/1.5in).
You could even build a maze for him to escape from.
Press the play (triangle) button and watch Edison approach an obstacle and then turn away to avoid colliding with it.

Edison robot avoids obstacles


Edison’s obstacle detection system uses the same invisible light that your remote control uses to tell the TV to change channel. This light is called ‘infrared’ or ‘IR’ and is invisible because it has a longer wavelength than the human eye can see.

Edison emits IR from two light emitting diodes (LEDs), one on the left and one on the right. In between the two LEDs is an IR sensor. The sensor detects when IR is reflected from an obstacle. If the IR is reflected from the left LED then the obstacle is on the left. If the IR is reflected from the right LED, then the obstacle is on the right.

Is Edison not behaving? Does he bump into obstacles or does he jump at shadows? Go to page 14 to see how to calibrate his obstacle detection system.

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