LESSON 4: Maze challenge and Mexican wave

Reinforce learning – Students use knowledge from lessons 1 through 3 to achieve two fun open ended activities.

In this lesson students complete two programming activities.

Program 1– Driving challenge

Students choose a driving challenge for their robot and then write a program for it. Some examples are:

  • Drive around an obstacle, such as a cup or pencil case
  • Drive around the border of a desk without driving off the edge
  • Create a maze on a large piece of paper for the robot to drive through
  • Create a maze using building blocks for the robot to drive through


Program 2 – Mexican wave robot style

This is a fun class activity that has everyone’s robot executing the same program at a slightly different time. The result is similar to a Mexican wave or choreographed dance.

Students write a short program with a ‘cool’ sequence of robot moves. They are also encouraged to use light and sound in their programs.

The class (or teacher) selects the program with the best/’coolest’ set of moves. This program is then shared with all other students. Each student then adds an event wait icon to the beginning of the program.

To form a Mexican wave effect each student programs a slightly different time into the new event wait icon. For example:

Robot 1 – Event wait time 0 seconds

Robot 2 – Event wait time 0.2 seconds

Robot 3 – Event wait time 0.4 seconds

Robot 4 – Event wait time 0.6 seconds

Robot 5 – Event wait time 0.8 seconds

Robot 6 – Event wait time 1.0 seconds

Robot 7 – Event wait time 1.2 seconds

Robot 8 – Event wait time 1.4 seconds

Robot 9 – Event wait time 1.6 seconds

Robot 10 – Event wait time 1.8 seconds

Robots 1 through 10 are placed in a line in order of their delay time. Everyone then presses play at the same time and stands back to watch the performance.

Note: Apple do not allow for importing of files in iOS, so this activity might not be possible if you use iPads.

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