These lessons have been designed and tested in workshops held by Robotics WPS over the past five years using a variety of robots. They have now been tested with the Edison robot and have proven to be very successful.

You can use these lesson plans either as they are or as a starting point to develop your own customised plans. Some teachers may need to make small changes to suit the abilities of their students. The lessons begin with the easier programming icons, such as basic movement behaviours and end with the class favourites, such as line tracking and sumo wrestling.

Students of all ages really enjoy the programming process, problem solving and collaboration involved with these lesson plans.

You will find that some students will grasp the initial concepts easily and be ready for the next activity. These lesson plans allow for independent learning and transition to the next lesson. As you grow in confidence with Edison and these lesson plans you will develop your own awareness of how best to transition your students from lesson to lesson.

Robotics lesson plans - Worksheet


A number of worksheets have been provided for each lesson. The Worksheets allow students to work independently as they include instructions for student to follow.

The Worksheets also include questions for the students to answer that reinforce and demonstrate their learning.

Activity sheets

Some of the lessons include Activity sheets. The Activity sheets provide students with a working area to quickly test their programs and run experiments

Robotics lesson plans Activity sheet
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