About us

Edison educational robots are an innovation from Microbric, an Australian company based in South Australia. Microbric has been providing educational robots to schools since 2004.

Edison successfully launched in mid 2014 on crowd funding website Kickstarter by raising over $100,000 in the 30 day campaign.

Edison is the result of a genuine passion for innovation and new creations. Microbric’s vision is to share electronics, robotics and programming with as many people as possible. Our technology is designed to provide users with an opportunity to experiment and have fun, while challenging their knowledge, innovativeness and imagination, without the need for expensive tools.

Our educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, expandable and robust and provide users with a range of combinations, and possibilities.

Contact us

Phone:  +61 8 8166 7193 (Australia) 

Email: Contact Us Form

Mail: PO Box 8052, Grange, SA 5022


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