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Why Edison?

Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age.

Effective, engaging and enjoyable coding education

Edison helps deliver meaningful computational thinking, computer programming and 21st-century education in an engaging, hands-on way.

Designed for the classroom environment, Edison robots are durable, have no loose parts to manage, are rechargeable, and thanks to their compact size, are easy to store. Edison works right out of the box, fully pre-built with all sensors ready to use. There’s no software to install or manage, making it easy to use Edison with different device types and platforms, including laptops, Chromebooks and tablets.

One robot per student is possible with Edison

Having enough equipment for each student is critical, and teaching coding is no exception. That’s why Edison robots are priced for educators, with bundle-packs and bulk discounts built right into the pricing. Designed for schools, libraries, makerspaces and clubs, our bundles offer Edison products in quantities that make sense for educational spaces.

Plus, there are no ongoing fees with Edison robots. All of the Edison robot’s programming languages are free to use for unlimited users and no registration is required to access the programming environments. 

Likewise, all of the Edison educational materials (including lesson plans and teacher guides) are free to download and use. 

Priced to make it possible to have one robot per student.

Coding education for all ages and skill levels

Edison’s robotic capabilities can be unlocked with ease through simple barcode programs. Children as young as four years old can begin to explore coding and robotics using the unique barcodes to activate pre-set programs.

Students can then progress through three different programming languages as their skills increase, working from icon-based drag-and-drop coding, through block-based coding and on to text-based programming. 

Barcodes and remote control

ages: 4+ with adult help

Graphic language

ages: 7+

Scratch language

ages: 10+

Python language

ages: 13+

EdCreate offers opportunities for interactive engineering using Edison robots.

STEM education to get excited about

Edison robots are a complete STEAM teaching resource designed to bring coding to life. Thanks to Edison’s expandable robotics system, which works with the EdCreate construction kit and any other LEGO brick compatible building system, the robots can be used as the programmable base for an incredible assortment of engineering and STEM projects. 

Tap into the full flexibility of Edison through a wide variety of student activities and design challenges which open up opportunities for students to explore a range of skills across maths, science, critical thinking, engineering, design thinking and more.

Support and resources for educators

Teachers, instructors and educators are supported throughout their student’s Edison journey every step of the way with free teaching resources available for each programming language and the EdCreate engineering projects.

Resources include lesson plans, teacher guides, student worksheets, activity sheets and video tutorials.

With our easy-to-follow guides, plus ongoing technical support, a global network of professional development trainers and a 12-month warranty, Edison makes it easy to bring robotics and programming education into your classroom.

A resource for real-world education

Educators around the globe use Edison robots to teach coding, STEM and more in their classrooms. Hear what Arizona, U.S.A.-based teacher Sherrie Dennis has to say about why, and how, she uses Edison. Want to learn more? Check out the full-length EdMazing Educators interview with Sherrie.

An elementary school teacher, Sherrie also trains other educators on how to bring technology and STEM into their classrooms through the STEMAZing Project. Armed with this dual perspective, Sherrie explains what she looks for in an educational robot.

From science to social studies to English language arts, Sherrie uses her Edison robots to teach a lot more than ‘just’ coding. Listen to Sherrie explain not just what she teaches, but why she uses Edison across the curriculum and how it benefits her students.

For Sherrie, it’s not just about the price tag! Durability, ongoing product support, educational resources and an understanding of what a time-poor teacher actually needs are some of things that she finds valuable in an educational product.

Hear how Sherrie uses one of her favorite projects, built around the book The Wild Robot, to help her tackle the problem of “a lot of standards and a limited amount of time” while enhancing literacy outcomes in her classroom. 

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