Meet Edison:

The super affordable educational robot

Drag-and-drop coding





Build, create, invent

Edison works with EdCreate and LEGO bricks

Text-based programming with Edison and EdPy



The hybrid graphical programming language



Meet Edison:

the super affordable educational robot



Drag-and-drop coding





with EdCreate or LEGO bricks

Text-based programming:

Edison and EdPy


The hybrid graphical programming language

STEM starter pack

USD $114.00
  • EdSTEM starter pack - EdCreate Edison robot creator's kit with 2 Edison robots
  • FREE International Shipping


USD $369.00
  • Edison Educational Robot EdPack10

  • FREE International Express Shipping

STEM starter pack

USD $125.40
  • EdSTEM starter pack - EdCreate Edison robot creator's kit with 2 Edison robots
  • FREE International Shipping


USD $405.90
  • Edison Educational Robot EdPack10

  • FREE International Express Shipping

Edison is…


Less than US$50 each and just US$33 each for a full class set

LEGO bricks compatible

Modular and easily expandable using LEGO bricks


Free programming software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Classroom ready

Free robotics and coding lesson plans, teacher’s guides, and student worksheets sets

Easy to use

Six pre-programmed robot activities set by barcodes

Built to last

Tough enough to be driven over by a car – See our video for proof!

Learn more about Edison

More than just a robot!

The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids STEM, computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way. 

Free educational resources

Integrate Edison into your classroom with ease with our free teaching resources designed to help educators unlock robotics and coding to get the most out of Edison in their classrooms. All of the resources, including the lesson plans, teacher’s guides and student worksheet sets, are free to use and licenced under Creative Commons so they can be adapted, modified and translated.

Multiple robot programming languages

Make robot programming fun, easy to learn, and powerful with multiple programming languages.  Start with drag-and-drop graphical icon-based EdBlocks, jump straight into text-based coding with Python, or anywhere in between: Edison can be programmed using any of our educational robot programming languages. You can easily use the same Edison robot with different languages – just open the programming software application you want, connect your Edison and get started!

Downloadable robot activity mat

The EdMat activity mat is an A1 size (23in x 33in) mat designed to make running robot activities such as line following and bounce in borders with Edison simple to set up and loads of fun. The EdMat includes six barcodes that activate pre-installed programs including ‘follow a torch’, ‘line tracking’ and ‘sumo wrestle’. Using an EdMat lets you set up a ‘robot station’ in a snap. You can download the EdMat for free and have it printed at your local print shop.

Expandable with EdCreate

Enrich your kids’ STEM education experience through interactive engineering and programming projects. The EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit is a 5-in-1 expansion pack construction system is designed specifically to work with Edison robots to promote creative problem solving and take robotics to the next level. Edison and EdCreate can be used to create multiple programmable robotic creations including a wide range of open-ended engineering, design and programming challenges.

Activity book: You're a Controller - barcodes and Edison

In EdBook1, the first of the EdBook activity book series, you can start to learn about robotics with Edison — no coding required! Explore using the Edison robot and special barcodes in the book that activate pre-programmed features, such as line following, obstacle avoidance, sumo wrestling and much more. This downloadable activity book includes a total seven fun, educational robot activities and is a great starting point for all your Edison EdVentures.

Activity book: Let's Program Edison in EdWare

In EdBook2, you will learn about robot programming by programming Edison yourself using EdWare! Learn how to write your own robot programs using the hybrid graphical EdWare programming language software. This downloadable activity book includes a total of 10 fun, educational robot activities perfect for independent exploration of Edison and EdWare.

“I have to say, they are the perfect solution for me. I teach pre-service teachers. In our footprint, schools are low on funding, and low on expertise. I have funded myself, and played with a variety of robots for lower primary, including some quite expensive models. Without a doubt Edison is most user-friendly, versatile and of course cost-effective”

- Wendy Fasso, Central Queensland University, Australia

“I've been running camps here in Ireland using Edison robots and the children are delighted with the robots and are really enjoying playing with them. They are amazed with what the robots can do and love designing their own programs. It's great to see how imaginative they are.” 

- Sinéad Diggin, Ireland 

“I have been so thrilled watching my students come up with creative ways to work with the two Edisons we have. They are in the process of creating a video to share with our parent community to convince them this is a great way to get students engaged in this type of technology.”

- Yolanda Gonzales, Boise school District, USA

“In the classrooms, the robots are gradually filtering through all classes. All teachers have been hugely impressed by the enjoyment the students experience as well as the higher order thinking skills that are used to solve challenges that students encounter with the Edison robots.”

- Julia Creasy, Coolbinia Primary School, Australia

“I am very impressed with the Edison and how they have engaged the students in my class.”

- Andrew P., Primary Teacher, Australia 

Putting the E in STEM – meet EdCreate

Meet EdCreate: the Edison robot creator’s kit. EdCreate and Edison robots make it easy to enrich students’ education with interactive engineering and programming projects that really put the E into ‘STEM’.

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