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Meet Sherrie Dennis

Based in Arizona, U.S.A., Sherrie Dennis has 25 years’ worth of teaching experience across primary education, but only added coding to her teaching repertoire three years ago. Now she uses technology and coding in her classroom to enhance learning across the subjects, from literacy to project-based learning. Plus she teaches other educators how to bring STEM into their packed curriculum in ‘hands-on, minds-on’ ways.

Watch this full episode to learn about Sherrie’s experiences using Edison robots and follow her on Twitter to see this EdMazing Educator in action.


EdMazing Educators podcast

Conversation bytes

Taken from the full interview, these snack-sized videos capture some of the top ‘bytes’ of information from our conversation with Sherrie Dennis.

In addition to being an elementary school teacher, Sherrie helps train other educators on how to bring technology and STEM into their classrooms through the Arizona-based STEMAZing Project. Armed with this dual perspective, Sherrie explains what she looks for in an educational robot.

For Sherrie, it’s not just about the price tag! Durability, ongoing product support, educational resources and an understanding of what a time-poor teacher actually needs are some of things that she finds valuable in an educational product.

From science to social studies to English language arts, Sherrie uses her Edison robots to teach a lot more than ‘just’ coding. Listen to Sherrie explain not just what she teaches, but why she uses Edison across the curriculum and how she finds that it benefits her students.

Hear how Sherrie uses one of her favorite projects, built around the book The Wild Robot, to help her tackle the problem of “a lot of standards and a limited amount of time” while enhancing literacy outcomes in her classroom. 

Meet Tamara Russell

Based in Arizona, U.S.A., Tamara Russell found some of her students were not enjoying school and needed a new challenge. Upon borrowing several Edison robots to try, she found it to be a huge success and changed the students lives.

Tamara says “As fourth graders they were coding with EdPy. The robots opened their lives up to teach others and they started loving school! I knew my students needed the bots! This school year is all about the Edisons!!!”

Learn more about how Tamara and her class use Edison in this video, provided thanks to Litchfield Elementary School District.

Scott L. Libby School students and Edison robots
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