Drive Calibration

Learn how to straighten the drive of your Edison robot.

The different versions of Edison have different drive calibration procedures. Please find your version below and follow the steps.

Edison V2.0 robot drive calibration

Edison V2.0

Edison V2.0 contains wheel encoders to ensure that the left and right wheels drive at exactly the same speed. In some cases, one of Edison’s motors will be more efficient than the other. This can cause one wheel to accelerate faster than the other, causing Edison to turn a small amount at the start of a drive command, leading to Edison being off course. 

To fix this you can perform an acceleration calibration to ensure that both wheels accelerate evenly.

Here’s how to perform an acceleration calibration:

Download and print off the Acceleration Calibration Barcode here

Scan the barcode with Edison.

Press the play button twice.

Edison will then drive back and forth at different speeds performing the calibration. Be sure to give Edison plenty of room to drive freely. If Edison falls off a desk or gets stuck against an obstacle, repeat the steps above. 

Edison V1

Edison V1 can sometimes experience a sideways drift when driving. This is due to small differences in the efficiency of the left and right motors (no two motors can ever have identical efficiencies) that cause the wheels to turn at different speeds. Edison’s drive can be straightened by applying a drive calibration setting. The calibration adjusts the amount of power supplied to each motor to compensate for their differences.

To apply a drive calibration to Edison V1 head to, find “drive calibration” in the menu and follow the prompts.

If your Edison is turning to the left select one of the “Drift Left” options.

If your Edison is turning to the right select one of the “Drift right” options.

Drive calibrations do not stack, if the applied calibration did not help try a larger drive calibration.

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