Meet the latest educational product in the Edison suite, EdSketch!

Edison V3 with EdSketch
EdSketch is a two-pack expansion kit, which includes the EdSketch Pen Holder and EdSketch Marker Pens. EdSketch enriches students’ STEAM education experience, incorporating art into programming projects.

The EdSketch Marker Pen is a dry erase marker designed to work on whiteboards and paper. The Pen Holder easily attaches to the Edison robot and holds the Pen Marker in place, thus allowing students to unlock their artistic potential. 

EdSketch is a perfect addition to the Edison programming and robotics curriculum to promote creativity and many open-ended challenge ideas.


These free, downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdSketch.

Edison the maze racer

Let’s get the Edison robot to race along a Euler Path shape! This Hour of Code activity is great for beginners for both Edison and EdSketch.

This 1-hour lesson is designed to allow students to work independently as they discover:

  • What is a Euler path?
  • What is an input?
  • What is an output?
  • Pattern recognition.

See the full ‘Edison the maze racer’ activity


HoC blueprint designer

Edison the blueprint designer

Can you program Edison to drive in different shapes so that the robot can draw different blueprints? This Hour of Code activity is great for more advanced users of Edison and EdSketch.

This 1-hour lesson is designed to allow students to work independently as they discover:

  • Variables and iteration
  • Code tracing
  • Computations in programs

See the full ‘Edison the blueprint designer’ activity



Additional resources

Translation kits, translated versions and more.

Looking for a new challenge? Why not try to create your own pen attachment. Check out this article for more inspiration:

The DoodleBot challenge is a great EdCreate engineering activity.


Licenced under Creative Commons – use, adapt and share

We want to make robotics and computer science education available to everyone, which is why these teaching resources have been released under a Creative Commons licence. You are free to use these resources as they are, translate them, share them or use them as the base to develop your own customised lessons.

Creative Commons License
The EdSketch teaching resources by Robert Spargo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Learn more about Creative Commons in our FAQ.


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