Educational Robotics Programming Software

Edison can be programmed from a growing number of FREE software applications.

EdWare Robot Programming Software

EdWare is graphical robot programming software for the Edison robot. EdWare uses drag and drop graphical icons that makes robot programming easy to learn and great fun! EdWare is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android and Chrome. EdWare for the Edison robot is FREE to download.

EdPy – Python based robot programming software

EdPy makes text-based programming fun, as students can see their code come to life in their Edison robot.

Python is easy to learn, has high readability and is very popular. The popularity of Python can’t be underestimated. With Python, students are learning a real life programming language, and they can apply what they learn as part of a professional career.

The EdPy programming environment has a range of features that help students to learn texted-based programming, including:

Line help – An English interpretation of lines of code
Autocomplete – Start typing code and matching options start to appear
Popup help – As you type a help box appears with a description of the code
Help text and examples – Help text and examples right there on the screen

Program Online

Use EdWare online FREE

Use EdPy online FREE

Add EdWare to Chrome FREE

Free download

Download EdWare version 1.0.6 for Windows FREE

Download EdWare version 1.0.3 for Mac FREE

Download EdWare version 1.0.3 for Linux FREE

Download EdWare for iOS from the App Store FREE

Download EdWare for Android FREE

Download EdWare version 1.0.3 for Raspberry Pi FREE

On the newer builds of the Raspberry Pi, the audio output is not high enough to program Edison, as such additional amplification is required. This can be achieved via plugging Edison into: a monitor connected via HDMI, the headphone jack of a powered set of speakers or USB sound card. Visit eBay for low-cost USB sound cards.

Learn robot programming

Learn about robot programming by programming Edison yourself! Learn how to write your own robot controlling programs using EdWare’s easy to use drag and drop graphical programming software.

  • Learn robot programming with these ten illustrated fun programs:
    1. Flash an LED
    2. Beep!!… Beep!!…
    3. Robots make music too!
    4. Let’s get moving
    5. What IF?…
    6. What’s the hurry? Let’s wait!
    7. Watch out! There’s an obstacle!
    8. Take control!
    9. Change is good, let’s get variable!
    10. Robot communications
  • 8 different barcodes
  • Learn about basic robotics and how robot sensors work
  • Learn interesting electronics from the included ‘EdFacts’
  • Calibrate the sensitivity of Edison’s obstacle detection

Learn more about our robotics activities

Learn robot programming with these Robotics Lesson Plans that have been designed and tested in workshops held by Robotics WPS over the past five years using a variety of robots. They have now been tested with the Edison robot and have proven to be very successful.

You can use these 10 Robotics Lesson Plans either as they are or as a starting point to develop your own customised Robotics Lesson Plans. Some teachers may need to make small changes to suit the abilities of their students. The Robotics Lesson Plans begin with the easier robot programming icons, such as basic movement behaviours and end with the class favourites, such as line tracking and sumo wrestling.

Students of all ages really enjoy the robot programming process, problem solving and collaboration involved with these Robotics Lesson Plans.

Learn more about our Robotics Lesson Plans

Edison robot firmware updates (Edison V1 only)

Update your Edison with the latest firmware. Firmware updates are free and will fix bugs or add new functionality.

PLEASE NOTE: all Edison V1’s purchased after August 2015 have been shipped with up to date firmware.

Firmware updates use the same techniques as downloading programs. If you are having trouble downloading programs firmware updates will not help. Please see our Trouble Shooting page

If you are having difficulty programming Edison please follow the steps on pages 6 and 7 of EdBook2. If the problem still persists please email us

Robot programming Edison firmware

What’s new in version 1.01

  • Fixed bug in receive data icon
  • Increased barcode reading accuracy
  • Other minor code tidy ups

Updating robot firmware

There are two ways to update the firmware:

EdWare firmware update (Win, Mac, Linux only)

  1. Download the .BIN update file.
  2. In EdWare select ‘Program Edison’ from the file menu then select ‘Download new firmware’. Browse for the update file that you downloaded and select open.
  3. Turn Edison off, then hold down the round button and turn him back on. Hold the round button down until the two red LEDs come on.
  4. Connect the EdComm cable between Edison and your computer.
  5. With the computer’s volume at maximum and all sound enhancements disabled, press ‘Start Download’.
  6. Audio player firmware update (iOS and Android)

Download the .WAV update file.

  1. Open the file in an audio player application, such as iTunes or Play Music.
  2. Turn Edison off, then hold down the round button and turn him back on. Hold the round button down until the two red LEDs come on.
  3. Connect the EdComm cable between Edison and your device.
  4. With the volume at maximum press the play button.
  5. The firmware file takes a little over 2 minutes to download to Edison. During the download Edison will make a burring sound. At the end of downloading Edison will make the same chirp that is heard when his power is switched on.

Free download

Download Edison firmware data file (.BIN)

Download Edison firmware audio file (.WAV)

EdComm compatibility notice

We have received feedback that some users are unable to program Edison from their Windows PC. We’ve discovered the issue to be related to the type of sound card and how it outputs sound.

The issue is that some sound cards have high levels of capacitance on the headphone output. This causes the output levels to drop significantly during programming.

A new EdComm cable is now available that has greater compatibility across more devices, including addressing the issue above. The new EdComm cable can be purchased as part of the Edison Spare Parts Pack.

All Edison robots now being shipped come with the new EdComm cable.

Source files

EdWare for PC, Mac and Linux is open source software. The source files can be downloaded from GitHub.

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