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New to using Edison? Start by downloading the free Getting started with Edison guide.

Looking for information regarding Edison V2.0? Head over to our Edison V2.0 page.


Questions about barcodes?

The special Edison robot barcodes let you kick-start your exploration of Edison using pre-set programs, control Edison like a remote-control car, or create your own remote-control programming masterpieces!


Questions about one of the programming languages?

Each of our robotics programming languages has its own dedicated FAQ with common questions and troubleshooting help specific to that programming language.

  • Please see the EdBlocks FAQ for questions about or help to resolve any issues with EdBlocks
  • Please see the EdScratch FAQ for questions about or help to resolve any issues with EdScratch
  • Please see the EdPy FAQ for questions about or help to resolve any issues with EdPy


What is Edison?

Edison is a super-affordable programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age. The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way. Edison robots work with LEGO bricks and can be controlled and programmed in three ways:

1. Barcodes – Edison can read special barcodes that activate pre-programmed functions like follow a line or avoid obstacles

2. TV/DVD remote control – Edison can be controlled from standard TV or DVD remote controls using remote-control barcodes

3. Program – Edison can be programmed from a computer or tablet using any of our three programming languages:

  • EdBlocks, a drag-and-drop, fully graphical horizontal programming language for the Edison robot. 
  • EdScratch, a vertical block-based programming language for the Edison robot based on Scratch. 
  • EdPy, a python-like text-based programming language for the Edison robot. 
What devices and operating systems can you use with Edison robots?

Edison robots are compatible with most tablets, desktop computers, laptops and Chromebooks thanks to browser-based programming languages.

All of the Edison robotics programming languages can be accessed through a browser, meaning there is nothing to download onto the programming devices you use, enabling you to program Edison on tablets, iPads and Chromebooks as well as laptops and desktop computers.

The USB cable is used to connect the Edison V3 robot to download programs from any of the Edison robotics programming languages.
To connect Edison V3 to a computer or tablet, lift the USB cable out from underneath the robot and plug the USB cable into a USB-A port on the programming device.

This communication method is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and Chrome operating systems via the Chrome browser.

Apple’s iOS devices (iPads) do not allow websites or apps to access their data port. For iOS devices programs are downloaded via screen flashing to the Edison V3 line tracking sensor.

If you are new to using Edison, you may want to download the free Getting started with Edison guide which includes step-by-step instructions walking you through getting your robot and programming device set up.

How does Edison connect to my computer?

Each Edison V3 robot has a USB-A cable attached to the underside of the robot for charging and programming.

If your device does not have a USB-A port, you will need a USB-C to USB-A adaptor.
For iPad users, Edison V3 can be programmed via screen flashing. This feature is only available for EdBlocks and EdScratch, not EdPy
What barcode programs are available?

Each Edison robot comes with pre-set programs already loaded in the robot’s memory. To activate the program, you simply need to scan the correct barcode. Different types of barcodes activate pre-set programs, allow Edison to be paired with a TV/DVD remote control or help you calibrate the robot. All of the barcodes and instructions are available here.

The available pre-set program barcode programs are:

  • Avoid obstacles
  • Line tracking
  • Follow a torch
  • Clap controlled driving
  • Bounce in borders
  • Sumo wrestle
How is Edison compatible with LEGO bricks?

Expand, create, invent: Edison robots work with LEGO bricks!

There are three types of holes on the side of Edison: pinholes, stud holes, and cross axle sockets. The three pin holes suit full depth pegs and the four stud holes suit shorter pegs. When Edison’s wheels are removed, LEGO cross axles can be inserted to create your own robotics inventions with motorised moving parts. Edison also has two sets of 2 by 8 LEGO brick connectors top and bottom, allowing them to be stacked together and built into other projects with LEGO bricks.

Please note that LEGO is a trade mark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this web site, or the Edison robot or accessories.

What is EdCreate?

The EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kit is a construction system consisting of 115 interlocking building blocks, pegs, gears, and other parts. The EdCreate system can be used with Edison robots to complete five EdBuild projects as well as a range of open-ended engineering, design and programming challenges.

Read more about what you can do with EdCreate at

Can the EdMat be laminated?

Edison’s activity mat (the EdMat) contains a number of barcodes you can use to get Edison up and running quickly. However a glossy lamination on the EdMat will upset Edison’s sensor and may cause errors, so the EdMat must be laminated with a matte finish.

What coding languages can I program Edison in?

Edison can be programmed in multiple robotic programming languages:

  • EdBlocks, a drag-and-drop, fully graphical horizontal programming language for the Edison robot. 
  • EdScratch, a vertical block-based programming language for the Edison robot based on Scratch. 
  • EdPy, a python-like text-based programming language for the Edison robot. 

In addition, Edison comes preloaded with programs which are activated through special barcodes.

Where can I buy an Edison from?

Edison is available from right here on our website, we offer free shipping worldwide and have discounts built into our bulk rates.

Otherwise, check out our growing list of international stockists to find an Edison distributor near you!


Do you offer educator discounts?

Edison robots are designed for the classroom – and so is our pricing. Our educator discounts are pre-built into our pricing in the form of bundle-packs and bulk discounts. That’s why a single unit of Edison is $59 USD, however, in a class pack of 30 robots, each unit is discounted to $39.96 USD. Plus, if you purchase a bundle and any additional lone products in the same order, you will be charged the bundle unit price on all applicable items. The bundle and bulk discounting are automatically applied to orders placed through our website and in the prices listed on the quotes we provide. You can learn more about on our bundle packs and bulk discounts in our price list.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on your order and country of delivery. Please see our international shipping page to get an approximate shipping cost estimate.


How long will shipping take?

Shipping times differ by country, customs, and local post services. Please see our international shipping page to get an approximate shipping time for your location.


What do I get with Edison?

Edison arrives fully assembled in box with a quick start guide printed on the box’s sides. Each Edison V3 robot has an internal Li-ion rechargeable battery and a USB-A cable for charging and programming.

All Edison users also have access to all of our free resources, including:

What remote controls work with Edison?

Edison is compatible with around 75% of TV and DVD remote controls. If one of your remotes doesn’t happen to work with Edison, try a different remote, preferably a different brand. Alternatively, you can purchase an inexpensive ‘universal remote’ and set it to be a Sony DVD remote control, which works well with the robots.

Can I order Edison using a school purchase order?

We can currently accept purchase orders from schools in the USA and Australia. For more information please see our school orders page.


How can I safely clean Edison?

Maintaining cleanliness in your classroom is always important, now more than ever. Cleaning your Edison robot without fear of damage is a straight forward process!

This easy-to-follow quick guide shows you everything you need to do. 

What happened to EdWare?

EdWare was the original language for the Edison robot. EdWare has since been retired, replaced by our three other languages: EdBlocks, EdScratch and EdPy. You can still access information about EdWare here.

Can I translate and edit the free resources?

We want to make robotics and computer science education available to everyone, which is why all of our teaching resources have been released under a Creative Commons licence. You are free to use these resources as they are, translate them, share them or use them as the base to develop your own customised lessons.

You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

What types of batteries can be used in Edison? (V1 and V2 only)

Edison takes four AAA batteries.

If using disposable batteries with Edison, only ever use alkaline batteries. (These are the most common AAA batteries you will find in just about any shop.) If you are using rechargeable batteries with Edison, only use nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. Never use heavy-duty, super heavy-duty or carbon zinc batteries.

Always make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. You will find detailed pictures in our Getting started with Edison guide.

Does Edison work with 3100 Chromebook devices? (V1 and V2 only)

Dell has recently rolled out an operating system update for their 3100 Chromebook range that significantly reduces the headphone volume. The reduced volume prevents the standard EdComm cable from working.

The EdComm 3100 cable is a special EdComm cable designed to work with Dell 3100 Chromebooks. The EdComm 3100 cable has revised electronics to work with the updated Dell 3100 software.

Note that due to the revised electronics, the EdComm 3100 cable may not work with some devices and is therefore not a general replacement for the standard EdComm cable.

You can purchase EdComm 3100 cables here.

How do I lock the battery door on Edison? (V2 only)

The battery door on Edison robots features an optional locking mechanism. You do not need the door to be locked in order to use the robot. All Edison robots are packaged with the door in the ‘unlocked’ position.

You can download the Lockable battery door guide which will introduce you to the door and explain how to use the locking feature, if you choose to do so.

For more information, including a video demonstration of using the door, please visit

How much memory does Edison have? (V2 only)

Edison V2.0 has 5kB of usable space for user programs.


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