Firmware Checker

Please enter the serial number from your Edison to check for the latest firmware version for your unit. You can find the serial number located on a sticker on the inside of the battery compartment. The serial number will look like one of these examples:
Edison 2016H2-93559, Edison 2016C-81036, 1234567 12A, 9876543 B10
Has your Edison already had the June 2017 firmware installed?
No Yes

Dang. Sorry about this...

Unfortunately, your Edison is not compatible with the latest June 2017 firmware update.

The good news

You can continue to program your Edison with EdWare and now using EdBlocks*.

The bad news

You cannot program your Edison with EdPy. *EdBlocks will work with your Edison, except for the music blocks.

Because you were with us at the beginning of our journey to make robotics for everyone, we would like to offer you a special 10% discount to upgrade to the latest Edison V2.0. To get the discount use the following coupon code in the checkout:


Order an Edison V2.0 now

You can still update your current Edison with the August 2015 firmware if you have not already done so. Close this pop up window to get this version of the firmware.

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