There is a wide range of FREE resources and downloads for the Edison robot, from graphical programming software to teacher lesson plans. Everything is designed to make it as simple as possible to get into robotics

EdBooks for the Edison Robot

There are currently three EdBooks available. The Edbooks introduce robotics to the novice. The Edison robot’s EdBooks are FREE to download.

10 Lesson Plans for the Edison Robot

These Lesson Plans include 36 student Worksheets and 5 Activity sheets to use across 10 lessons.Edison robot’s 10 Lesson Plans are FREE to download

EdWare for the Edison robot

EdWare is used to write programs for the Edison robot using drag and drop graphical icons. This makes programming easy to learn and great fun! The software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad) and Android. EdWare for the Edison robot is FREE to download

EdMat for the Edison Robot

The EdMat is an A1 sized robot activity mat. It contains 6 barcodes that activate pre-installed programs. Plus a line track for the Edison robot to follow. The Edison robot’s activity mat is FREE to download.

Edison robot firmware updates

The software that runs inside Edison is called firmware and can be updated using the EdComm cable.Updates to the Edison robot’s firmware are FREE to download

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