Resource downloads for your Edison robot

Designed to make it as simple as possible to get into coding and robotics, our range of free resources and downloads will help you get the most out of your Edison robot.


New to Edison robots?

Get started with Edison the right way.

Getting started with Edison guide

This guide to setting up for success using your Edison robot provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to get Edison and your computer or tablet set up. 

Checklist: setting up for success with Edison

This one-page checklist is perfect for use as a quick reference to ensure you and your students are set up for success with Edison every time. 


Resources for teaching with Edison

Getting your class started on a STEM education journey like no other is easy using the Edison robot with our free teaching resources. 

Lesson plans for the Edison robot

Lesson plans are available for all of the Edison robot programming languages and engineering products:

Activities for the Edison robot

Edison offers hours of fun and engaging STEM learning activities for kids at every stage of their robotics and computer science journey. Explore more ways of using Edison with:

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