EdVenture 2 – Beep!!… Beep!!…


Add sound to the above program

Drag across the play beep icon and place it as shown below. Play beep sounds a short 50 millisecond (0.05 second) beep. There are no properties setting for play beep.

A program to create robot sounds

How the program works

Just as the previous program goes around and around in a loop repeating every icon, this program is no different, except that when the LED comes on a beep is played.



Try adding more play beep icons, changing the event wait periods and adding more flash LED icons. You can now add sound to your cool flashing light display!



Speakers make sound by converting electrical signals into tiny backwards and forwards movements. These tiny movements cause small rapid changes in air pressure, which we call sound.

Edison has a slightly different type of speaker than you will find in a typical radio and is called a piezo transducer. The advantage of piezo transducers are that they use very little power, are inexpensive  and can easily work in reverse by converting sound into an electrical signal. We’ll look at that last point again when we have Edison respond to sound commands.

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