OK, so you want to know the nitty gritty on what makes Edison the robot tick? Well here it is…


Edison is programmed using EdWare, an icon-based graphical programming language. Programs are downloaded to Edison using the EdComm cable. The EdComm cable plugs into the computer’s headphone jack and carries a pulsed audio signal to a high-efficiency LED. The LED converts the pulsed audio signal into light that is received by Edison’s line tracker phototransistor and loads the program into the processor. 

Sensors and inputs

Obstacle detection: Infrared using 2 IR LEDs (front left and right) and IR receiver module (doubles as IR receiver)

Remote control: IR receiver module (38kHz) Edison can learn IR codes from most standard TV/DVD remote controls

Infrared data comms: IR receiver module (double as obstacle detection sensor and IR remote receiver)

Line tracker: Red LED and phototransistor (doubles as barcode reader and programming port)

Light sensors: 2 phototransistors (front left and right) 

Sound sensor: Piezo transducer (doubles as sounder)


Drive: Differential drive system

Infrared data comms: 2 infrared LEDs (double as obstacle detection sensor)

Sound: Piezo buzzer (doubles as sound sensor) 

Lights: 2 red LEDs (Front left and right)


 Freescale 8-bit MC9S08PA8VLC


Battery: 4 x AAA (UM 4)

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