Get to know Edison

To use Edison you’re going to need to know where all his sensors are and what his three buttons do. Have a look at the images below. You may need to come back and have another look as we go through the EdVentures.

Lego robot sensors and buttons

Get to know Edison’s sensors and buttons

Play button – Start program
Stop button – Press to stop a program
Record button – 1 press = download program, 3 presses = read barcode

Robot line sensors and power switch

Edison’s power switch and line tracking sensor

Edison’s line tracking sensor is made up of two parts a red LED light and a light sensor. The red LED shines light on the ground, if the ground is white and therefore, reflects light then the light sensor will get a high light reading. If the ground is black and therefore, does not reflect light then the light sensor gets a low light reading.

The EdComm cable is used to download programs to Edison. It connects into the headphone socket on your computer or tablet.

programming cable for Edison Robot

EdComm programming cable

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