Installing EdWare

The EdWare programming software is online! Simply head over to

EdWare is also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi. Point your internet browser to to obtain the installation files and instructions on how to install EdWare for your operating system.


Downloading a program

Once you have EdWare opened or installed on your device open the ‘TestProgram.edw’ file: Menu>load>test programs (File>open: EdWare/My Programs for installed versions). A program that looks like the one below should appear.

robot test program for Edison

Test program

Connect the EdComm cable to the headphone socket on your device and turn up the volume to full. If you are using Windows check that audio enhancements are disabled. To do this go into Control Panel and follow the illustrated steps below.

how to disable sound enhancements for Edison robot

How to disable all enhancements in Windows 7

Plug the other end of the EdComm cable into Edison as shown. 

robot programming cable connection

To download the test program follow these steps:

1. Press Edison’s record (round) button once

2. In EdWare press the ‘Program Edison’ button and then ‘Start Download’

3. Press Edison’s play (triangle) button to start the program

Edison will now run the test program and spin left and right, flashing his lights and beeping.  

Edison robot test program
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