Trouble Shooting

Looking for some help? You have come to the right place!

The first step is to try changing or recharging Edison’s batteries. Low or flat batteries can cause some weird behaviour from Edison. If you have changed the batteries and still need help, follow the instructions below.

How to get trouble shooting help

To find help, please click the option that best matches your issue, 
If you are having programming difficulty please try downloading a program and compare the beeps Edison makes to the success and fail sounds below. If you have a question about EdWare programming as a language please check the EdWare programming making the success sound  option

The “Hardware Help” section  is for issues relating to the physical condition of Edison.

The “EdWare programming making the Fail Sound” section is for issues relating to getting a program to download to Edison.

The “EdWare programming making the Success Sound” section is for issues relating to programming in EdWare.

The “Barcode Programming” section is for issues related to programming Edison with barcodes

Hardware help
EdWare programming making the Fail Sound
EdWare programming making the Success Sound
Read/Data icons are greyed out
Edison is not doing anything when I hit the play button
Edison's line or obstacle detection don't seem to be working
Edison is reacting to events from before the wait block
Ed.Py Fail Sound


Ed.Py Success Sound
Barcodes not scanning
Can I create my own barcodes?
Barcode programs disappear when Edison is turned off

Edison programming sounds

While your program is downloading Edison will make sounds similar to an old dial-up modem, this is the sound of the program being downloaded into Edison. Once the program has finished Edison will make one of two sets of beeps, one set of beeps indicates that Edison has successfully received the program, the other indicates the program failed to download correctly. The following recordings are the series of beeps for a successful program and a failed program.

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