Here at Edison HQ, we love these little programmable robots. Edison is so much more than ‘just a robot’ to us: it’s a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education designed to open up incredible opportunities for learning and exploring.

Yeah, we’re a bit biased. But we aren’t alone.

Many different educators, STEAM specialists, parents and even Forbes have all reviewed and fallen in love with Edison. Edison is powerful, versatile, expandable and fun all while able to deliver valuable education to kids aged 4 to 16 years old. Edison is sure to become one of the most valuable tools in your STEM arsenal and all the robot requires in return is a little bit of TLC.

If you treat Edison to the same level of set-up and care you would give any other science tool, you are sure to be successful with Edison every time.

Edison is awesome! But you are even better

Edison, like all robots, is just a tool. And, like most tools, robots are actually kind of dumb. Your little Edison cannot think for itself, it can’t ensure its batteries are in the right way or that the volume on your computer is turned all the way up – Edison needs you to be the smart one in the relationship.

Think of it this way: Edison is no smarter than a microscope. In fact, Edison has a lot in common with a microscope.

Both are devices we use to teach, learn and explore new ideas. Both need to be treated with care and require a bit of preparation to ensure you get the most out of them. Just as you need to clean a microscope’s lens and calibrate its magnification settings, Edison requires a bit of initial set up and on-going care. It’s no surprise that the microscope needs you, the human, to be in charge. Edison is just the same.

Get the initial set-up done right

As far as getting a powerful robotics tool ready to use, setting up Edison is super easy to do. There are only two main steps:

  1. Get your Edison robot ready
  2. Get your programming device ready

Step-by-step instructions walking you through what to do are detailed in our Getting started with Edison guide, which provides all you need to know to get Edison and your computer or tablet set up. You can also use the set up for success checklist as a quick reference.

The most critical things to know are:

  • Use the right batteries and make sure they are inserted correctly.
  • Make sure your device’s volume is turned all the way up, especially once the EdComm cable is connected.
  • Run a test program in the coding language you will be using to make sure everything is working. 

Investing a bit of time into correctly setting up Edison at the beginning will help you avoid the most common pitfalls from the start, making your exploration with Edison all the better that much sooner.

Get to know your Edison

Understanding your robot’s sensors and functionality really allows you to create an incredible range of robotics and coding projects. That’s why to get the most out of Edison, you need to know where all of Edison’s sensors are located and become familiar with the robot’s three buttons.

All of the lesson plans for Edison’s multiple robotic programming languages start with an introduction and overview of the Edison robot. Further details can also be found in the Getting started with Edison guide.

No matter their age, we highly recommend you spend the time to get your students familiar with Edison as well. When students are comfortable with Edison’s sensor placements and capabilities, the three buttons and how to download programs, they are far more successful with everything that comes next.

Once you have Edison set up and are familiar with the robot, you are ready to embark on an amazing journey into coding and robotics. Give Edison just a bit of ongoing love with these simple tricks to keep Edison in great shape and this little robot is sure to win you over for good. 

Be sure to download the free Getting started with Edison guide and checklist for even more great advice.

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